It’s one of the most common questions we get when answering our phones or speaking with clients for the first time: “Will my Indiana criminal defense attorney keep me out of jail?” When you invest your hard-earned money in legal representation, it’s natural to expect them to keep you out of jail or at least limit jail time to the best of their ability. At Blankenship Law, we are deeply committed to securing the best possible outcome for clients in each and every case.

So, what is your best possible outcome? This may mean avoiding jail time entirely, having charges dropped, or perhaps reducing potential penalties to probation. In some cases, however, our focus may shift towards minimizing your time behind bars when the circumstances don’t present likely avenues to avoiding time in prison.

Keeping You Out of Jail in Indiana

Again, our primary aim is to preserve your freedom and protect your future. For offenses that don’t involve jail as a penalty the path to freedom is straightforward. However, when going to prison is a possible sentence, we aggressively challenge the prosecution’s case to keep you out of jail.

Successfully avoiding time in the Indiana prison system is more reasonable under certain conditions:

  • The evidence presented against you is weak, circumstantial, or possibly nonexistent.
  • You’re a first-time offender with no prior convictions.
  • The charges you’re facing are considered to be a lower-level offense.
  • You are open to considering a plea agreement.

Our defense strategies are tailored to the specifics of your case and your goals for possible outcomes. If you have a history of multiple offenses or are facing serious charges, focusing solely on avoiding jail may not be the most effective defense strategy.

Limiting Jail Time in Indiana Criminal Trials

When it’s not feasible to avoid jail entirely, our goal shifts to minimizing your time in prison. We will apply similar strategies as mentioned above with a wider focus on the circumstances surrounding your alleged offense. We want to make sure the judge, jury, and prosecution see you in a better light than what the charges tell them.

This involves a strategy that includes:

  • Effectively preparing for each court date.
  • Presenting yourself professionally and calmly in court.
  • Proactively improving your public image.
  • Considering all sentencing alternatives available in Indiana.

Participation in treatment programs or anger management courses can significantly alter perceptions and underscore your commitment to positive change. Our defense strategy is strengthened when you are actively working to be a constructive member of society.

Negotiating a Plea Deal on Behalf of Our Clients

One of the most effective ways to avoid or limit jail time is through a plea deal with the prosecution. If the defendant is willing to accept some form of responsibility for their actions, prosecutors and judges are often amenable to these discussions.

We will never negotiate a plea deal that hasn’t been discussed with the client and will never pressure a client to take a deal that isn’t the best possible outcome for their case. We’re prepared to fight, but we will also take every possible avenue to defend your freedom.

If you’re ready for the best possible defense Indiana can offer, contact our team at our offices in Valparaiso or Carmel, Indiana.