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You need an attorney that will actually take the time to listen to you and try to understand the fears and helplessness you are currently feeling. You might be dealing with the reality of possibly going to jail and you’re unsure of what to expect. I know it can be a very uncertain and scary situation, there is potentially so much at risk. What will happen to your job, your children or your marriage? You will need someone that can walk you through the process and protect your rights and goals. It’s times like these that a strong, competent, and understanding attorney needs to be by your side.

I also know that most of the time, people that are in the criminal justice system are not bad people. Most of these people have merely been at the wrong place at the wrong time, made some bad decisions or possibly have an addiction. Many of these circumstances can be addressed and handled through the judicial process without seriously harming or ruining a person’s life. But to get through the process with the best possible results, you are going to need an experienced attorney that will guide you through it all and be there for you to the very end.


I’m Eric Blankenship, and I’ve dedicated my professional career to protecting the rights of others. Growing up in Southern Indiana, I learned the value of hard work and persistence. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. After graduating from college, I worked for a year in the newspaper business before pursuing my dream of becoming a lawyer. I attended law school and graduated in just over two years by going year round while also working as a law clerk at a local firm. After finishing law school, I was hired as a deputy prosecutor in Hamilton County.

While at the prosecutor’s office, I learned from the ground up. I started in the screening department which meant I took in all misdemeanor and low level felony cases and decided what, if any, charge(s) to file. Soon thereafter, I was moved into the Superior Courts where I prosecuted those same types of cases and was quickly promoted to the major felony courts. I was then recruited by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and was immediately placed into the Major Felony Division. Within one year, I was promoted to Major Felony Supervisor of four felony courts. While there, I tried a large amount of cases including burglary, sex crimes, robbery, fraud, and homicides. After almost five years with Marion County, I was appointed the Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Blackford County.

Ready to Fight for You

After seventeen years as a prosecutor, I opened Blankenship Law, LLC with the desire to use my knowledge and trial skills for those that desperately need strong legal representation in the judicial system. I have brought my strong work ethic, persistence and empathy for others to form a law practice that helps those in serious need. I have offices in the Greater Indianapolis Area in Carmel and in Northwest Indiana near Valparaiso. If you find that you need an attorney that will stand by you and fight for your best possible result, call me.

The Opinions That Matter Most

High-Quality, Compassionate Representation

“Blankenship was the most professional, hardest working lawyer I've ever met. He answered the phone every single time I called.”

- Jason H.

“He answered all of my questions honestly and if he didn't know, he said so, and guided me in the right direction!”

- Former Client

“Eric is a great lawyer and provides feedback that is easy to understand.”

- Laina M