Client Reviews

Why People Choose to Work With Blankenship Law

“Blankenship was the most professional, hardest working lawyer I've ever met. He answered the phone every single time I called.”

Jason H.

“He answered all of my questions honestly and if he didn't know, he said so, and guided me in the right direction!”

Former Client

“Eric is a great lawyer and provides feedback that is easy to understand.”

Laina M.

“If I ever found myself in a situation where I needed legal representation, the very first person I would call would be Eric Blankenship. As a former Prosecutor, Eric knows inner-workings of the legal and judicial systems.”

Jen C.

"I was falsely accused of some serious crimes. And after losing my first lawyer due to a ethical issue, I hired Eric. He or a member of his practice were always prompt with a reply to any questions or concerns I had. He was willing to fight the case in court, but we were offered an amazing plea bargain that was not connected to the accusations. And most importantly kept me out of prison. Eric explained everything, and was adamant that he would still have a strong case to win if I decided to go to trial. All in all, especially with serious charges, you really need a person in your corner. And Eric never once made it feel like it was just another case. I'd definitely use him again, but hopefully I'll never have to worry about that."