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I am Natalie S. Williams, a Southern Belle originally from a small community called Jason nestled down a country road in rural Eastern North Carolina. As a child, I developed my passion for the law and justice while watching Perry Mason and Matlock with my grandmother after school. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from North Carolina Central University, an HBCU located in Durham, NC. I began my legal career as a sworn law enforcement officer with the State of North Carolina as a Probation/Parole Officer. Throughout the next eleven (11) years, I worked closely with high-risk, violent adult and juvenile offenders that were placed on intensive probation, house arrest, day reporting, and those with intermediate/split sanctions. I was charged to not only supervise their activities mandated by the courts, but to teach and implement cognitive education and the thinking for a change program. Working in these types of environments is challenging as the success rate is difficult to measure. However, it was here where I sharpened my temperament for patience with kindness, and my passion for advocacy began to shine through.

I attended Valparaiso University School of Law where I was enrolled in their dual degree program. In 2016, I graduated not only with my Juris Doctorate, but a Master of Arts in Psychology. After law school, I joined the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office where I worked for five years. I began in the County Division learning from the ground up prosecuting misdemeanor and low-level felony cases. After only ten months I was promoted to the Felony division where I was assigned major felony trials. Throughout my time as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, I have tried several major felony trials (half of them were Murder cases) and over 40 misdemeanor bench trials.

I utilize my master’s degree in psychology primarily to assist me as an attorney, however I am also an Adjunct Professor at Indiana Technical Institute where I teach courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Legal Studies. I use a hands-on teaching style because I believe there are some things in life you do not learn until you experience them; just like getting into legal trouble. There are a lot of good people that make bad choices. As a prosecutor I gave second chances and sometimes third chances to good people that made a bad choice.

As a Defense Attorney, I will be your advocate fighting for you; a good person that made a bad choice that needs a second or even third chance to make it right.

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- Jason H.

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- Former Client

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