In Indiana, we have seen an uptick in domestic battery cases at the beginning of 2023. These violent crimes in the home put people and families at risk, and your entire future could be on the line if you let it get that far.

We will always advocate for our clients, but we are also advocates for the entire state of Indiana. Our team does not want to see you or anyone else get hurt. Nobody should ever feel unsafe in their own home. So, what are some signs you need to account for if you feel like you’re struggling to control your anger?

Verbal Abuse is Often a Gateway to Physical Abuse

Oftentimes, the first step of physical violence is verbal attacks against a spouse or member of the family. You may think this is a better way to get your anger out, but it’s also giving your anger an outlet instead of containing and controlling it.

If you feel yourself frequently lashing out with your words, it’s time to take steps to mitigate the future risk of violence and get your anger under control. When you verbally abuse loved ones, you force them to keep their distance from you and isolate you which can often further exacerbate the issue.

Anger Management Should Be Proactive, Not Reactive

The moment your anger boils over into physical violence is a moment too late. You have already put your family, your life, and your freedom at risk. Seeking out anger management before it ever gets to that point is imperative.

There are excellent resources for this in Indiana, and you are more than welcome to take the courses often required by the courts designed for people who have committed domestic abuse even if you haven’t crossed that line. Some people may feel shame in letting it get this far, but it’s not too late to seek help and heal not only yourself but the family you cherish at home.

What You Will Lose If You Fail to Act

The charges for acts of domestic violence can escalate quickly. Charges will immediately escalate to a felony if the violence occurs in the presence of a child under 14 years old in Indiana.

Domestic battery charges and convictions often result in no-contact orders which require you to keep your distance from your spouse, your children, and other family members. It’s also very likely your spouse decides to walk away from your marriage in order to protect themselves and the children you have together. You will also lose the right to possess a firearm in Indiana if you are convicted of domestic battery.

Be Honest With Yourself

Some people think a little yelling is okay. Punching walls can feel like a good alternative to hitting a member of your family, but you need to be honest with yourself and admit that these actions are not healthy in any way.

There are times when you need to seek help. There are also times you need to separate yourself from the situation which could involve spending time away from your family or even getting a divorce if you realize the anger built up between you and your spouse is irreconcilable. It’s better to voluntarily hire a family law attorney before you are forced to hire a criminal defense attorney.

If your spouse pushes your buttons every day then you can’t let that get to you and should seek alternatives before violence ever becomes present in the home. Drugs and alcohol can also increase the chances of violence, so if you feel like you are an “angry drunk” then it’s advised that you keep alcohol out of the home.

Talk to An Attorney

If you have done everything right to handle your anger and still end up being charged with domestic battery in Indiana, you must defend your future. At Blankenship Law, we can help you get the best result possible given your circumstances – ensuring you get a second chance or an opportunity to fight back against false accusations.

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