At Blankenship Law, we are Indiana criminal defense attorneys so we understand as much as anyone else that everyone makes mistakes, but you shouldn’t have to pay for those mistakes for the rest of your life. We are not defined by our mistakes unless we let those mistakes compound and fail to adapt or recover over time.

Whether you’re charged for drinking and getting behind the wheel or throughout the course of your battle with addiction, you don’t have to do it alone. We want to highlight some of the important counseling services and resources available to you in the state of Indiana.

DUI, DWI, OWI, & OVWI counseling services

In Indiana, it’s likely you will be required to take classes whenever you’re convicted of crimes related to drinking or using drugs and getting behind the wheel. You may be required to do so before you can get your license back. These classes are part of your sentence and recovery. In them, you’ll learn more about the ways drugs and alcohol impact your ability to do tasks like driving as well as the danger doing so can present to yourself and others.

These classes last between 8 and 48 hours and will be paid out of your pocket, often between $75 to $1,275 depending on the level of your offense and how many violations you have on your record. You can often take them online if you are a first-time offender, live out of state, or have extenuating circumstances that allow you to take them online as opposed to in-person.

What’s important to understand is you don’t have to wait until you’re charged, convicted, or sentenced. You can and should seek out counseling sooner rather than later as it will expedite the process of protecting or returning your license. You may also get a more favorable judgment if you can show the courts you’ve taken proactive steps to mitigate further offenses. If you are ordered to fulfill these courses, it’s important to comply and complete the courses in a timely manner.

Most counties will have their own services, such as the Hamilton County C.A.R.E. Program and the Porter County Substance Abuse Council.

Addiction services in Indiana

Addiction services can serve a similar purpose to the classes above, but these services will serve a more important role in your road to recovery. We understand addiction is a disease and you will often be forced to confront a painful urge that can lead to severe legal challenges.

It’s important to remember there are resources and people available to help you through this journey. Even if you haven’t committed a crime, these services can prevent you from doing so in the future or can help you become your best physical self.

There are resources throughout Indiana to assist those dealing with addiction, including the Indiana Center for Recovery (multiple locations in Indiana), Porter Starke Services (Valparaiso & other locations in Indiana), and Positive Outlook (Carmel, IN).

Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s nothing more important than understanding you’re not alone. If you’re charged with a crime, we want to help you recover not only legally but personally. Contact Blankenship Law and get on the road to recovery today.