Domestic violence is an undeniably serious offense, rightfully drawing significant legal and social attention. However, the weight of these accusations extends far outside of the courtroom, impacting those accused even with the legal presumption of innocence in the United States. Accusations of domestic violence wield a particularly destructive power, making it imperative to prepare an effective legal defense.

It’s not uncommon for individuals to find themselves prematurely judged by their community, facing skepticism from peers and loved ones who question their trustworthiness based solely on allegations. We have witnessed firsthand the surprising frequency of false domestic violence claims. The challenge lies in preserving your freedom and fortifying your defense against these accusations.

Upholding Your Reputation With Integrity

When faced with any criminal charge in Indiana, it’s important to remember that this does not automatically mean you have been or will be convicted. Despite this, the stigma surrounding domestic violence often evolves immediately. The repercussions of false accusations can be devastating, potentially dismantling your career, tarnishing your reputation, and putting a strain on personal relationships. Maintaining composure is key. Reacting with anger or hostility only serves to weaken your defense.

It’s important to use caution in all communication and focus on evidence collection. Direct all discussions relating to your case exclusively to your Indiana criminal defense attorney(s). While the urge to confide in loved ones or to proclaim your innocence on social media is natural, such interactions pose a risk of misinterpretation or misrepresentation. Resist the temptation to seek vindication through social media or your friends.

Focus on Your Defense and Follow the Orders of the Court

A key element of navigating false accusations of domestic violence is a keen focus on your legal defense. Work closely with your attorney to formulate and adhere to a thorough defense strategy. Consistency in your defense narrative is essential, as it reinforces your credibility and supports your case.

Equally important is compliance with any court-issued orders, such as restraining orders or communication restrictions. Adherence to these directives is non-negotiable. In Indiana, ignoring court orders in domestic violence cases not only jeopardizes your defense but also your long-term freedom.

Hire a Former Indiana Prosecutor to Fight for Your Freedom and Reputation

Anyone can claim they are a victim of domestic violence, and typically people believe them, including the prosecutors. As such, prosecutors will do everything in their power to prove your guilt and give you the maximum sentence available.

Our team delivers aggressive defense, and Attorney Eric Blankenship is a former prosecutor, ready to fight on your behalf. We know exactly what prosecutors look for and can identify when they’re bluffing — it takes one to know one. Thus, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands if you entrust our team to advocate for your best interests.